Casa Como is a Toronto-based contemporary clothing brand founded by independent designer Diana Ivanova in 2011. “Como”, the name, is initially inspired by a breathtaking landscape known for its dramatic scenery in Northern Italy called Lake Como. The founder and designer Diana Ivanova has perfected the business of her bold and cutting design for urban style influencers. Casa Como is remarkable for its standout basics, clean cuts, and use of speciality fabrics with tasteful feminine and masculine elements, as its signature style.

Diana Ivanova is a Toronto based fashion designer. She was born in Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria,  where her grandmother who is a dress maker taught her how to make patterns, take measurements, choose fabrics, and how to cut, pin and sew. “That is much more priceless than going to any fashion school,” says Diana the designer.  A signature style of clean cutting, standout basics and use of special fabrics was immediately apparent in her first collection and continued influencing her design. Diana’s commitment to inside out elegance is evident throughout her collections and is the core of the brand’s ethos to being a contemporary, timeless and urban-luxurious company.